This work is based on two intertwined things: absence and inheritance.

My father was an accordionist since he was a child, and he dedicated himself to that throughout his life.

My earliest and most constant musical memory is the sound of the accordion: at home, at all the family parties, and later as a personal practice. The accordion is a defining object in my life, and even more so in my dad’s, it is also a symbol of family sustenance throughout our lives.

My father died in October 2021 at the age of 70 due to COVID. No one in the family expected this sudden death.

The first song I composed on the accordion was  “Write a letter” (minted on teia as well), it was my first approach to the authorial practice on the accordion, recorded rustically around 2002/2003, when I was 13 years old.
 My father’s absence leaves a material void and at the same time a responsibility to take care of the musical heritage that he left me.