Domestic Encounters

In ‘La petite mort’ the death drive is fulfilled by the symbolic act of pointing a little and harmless gun building a tension with the fact that it also evokes sexual imagery.

Suffering of bipolar disorder has taken me more closely that I would’ve want to death. Documenting these kind of actions is a way to get it out of my system and move on.

‘Taking advice’ is a reference to the entertainment trope of the angel/devil on giving advice on the character’s ear. Lately I’ve been feeling like wanting advice from the angel, after years of taking it from the devil. Aside from a religious point of view, listening to the angel is listening to the patient, kind, not self-destructive part of me. It is fun listening to the devil for some while, but as times goes by, I long for nothing more than quiet.

‘Doesn’t ring a bell’ is a playful reflection on synesthesia, when some part of your body feels what another part should be feeling. And another thoughts like what about being blinded by a sound? Or what about our eyes being announcing bells?.

Our view is the primer sense that helps us makes sense of reality, what we see is a premonition of what is to come. Announcing bells of the future, of the horizon, of what’s next. Can you visualize it?.